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What we do

Kitquant provides Research and Development for the Data Science components that extract knowledge and insight for you and your customers. Features:

Predictive Analysis

Identify business risks and business opportunities based on historical data analysis.

Natural Langage Processing

Extract insight from unstructured data, for instance Tweets, Blogs.

Recommender Systems

Recommend products that are relevant to your customers.

Machine Learning

We use well-proven ML components to reduce the development time. Our expertise in Python encompasses all the Data Science libraries.

Big Data

Need more processing power? We can help you implement Big Data solutions.

Quantitative Finance

We have an extensive experience in the field. Click for more details!

Our approach

Projects usually follow a 4-step process : Research, Development, Organization and Maintenance. We can also step in at any stage to help you with specific issues.


Selecting and calibrating the best models for your needs.

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Developing data-driven applications for your day-to-day or real-time processes.

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Adressing operational issues and providing on-demand training to help you improve your organization.

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Providing continuous support through our comprehensive maintenance plans.

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Best-in-class design and seamless integration into your systems. Contact Us